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A Notion database becomes...
Your Blog!!
N2B enables you to compose blog posts by Notion.
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Everytime, Everywhere

Can write anywhere
You can write down your ideas anytime, anywhere using the Notion app.

Easy to set up

Easy to set up
You can start to compose a blog post as soon as you have signed up for N2B.It is easy to change the appearance of the blog without any codes.

No ads, Commercial use OK

No ads, commercial use OK
No ads will be displayed. You can also use it for your shop or company website.

Blazing fast

Fast page loading
Blazing fast page loading so your readers don't have to wait.Of course, SEO is considered.

How to use

1. Sign up for N2B

Notion database
Sign up for N2B and connect your Notion account. A Notion database for N2B will be created after the signing up.

2. Write a blog post

Ready status
Write a blog post by adding a page in the Notion database. Change the status to Ready after setting the title, publication date, and category.

3. Posts are automatically published

N2B dashboard
Posts with Ready are automatically published on the publication date. You can also publish manually from the N2B dashboard.


List view (Cactus / Smartphone)
List view (Cactus Dark / PC)
List view (Simple / Smartphone)
List view (Simple / PC)
Fixed Top Page (Simple / Smartphone)
Fixed Top Page (Simple / PC)
Take a look at the actual blog
Free trial

Basic functions

These can be turned on and off.

Usage fee

5USD (Including tax)
There is a 60-day free trial.
If you cancel during the trial period, you will not be charged.

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